Our body and metal shop is full of miracle workers. Modern body shops just don't have the expertise to deal with old style body structures, rust issues, and panel fabrication. Whatever it takes, we can make your classic look like new again without any signs of the old damage. If need be we have even built entirely new E-Type bodies!

We have probably repaired and restored more E Type bodies than any shop in the USA if not the world. We even have our own E Type body jig. We are one of the oldest continuously owned classic restoration shops in the world.  In business since 1973.

Here is a custom XK120 body we are building. The complete trunk area is all new, fabricated in our shop. Noticed the "Frenched" competition gas cap? All done in house.

This "like new" Austin Healey came to us in pieces. There was one car hit badly in the front, and one car badly hit in the rear and rust at both ends. We combined the two, repaired the rust, made panels where we needed to and now you cannot tell it from a brand new car!

1971 Porsche 911

This is a 1971 Porsche 911 that was virtually rusted away from below the doors down. We installed a completely new floor using original panels and made all repairs along factory seams so now the car looks like new again.

This is a "real" English wheel. The cast units like this are hard to find and rarely made anymore. This one we imported from England. It is so old it was used to make Spitfire wings for the Battle of Britain!


For the true enthusiast, our newsletter is comprised of news from the shop, what's rolling in, what's driving out, exciting modifications, racing and event details, and more!


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XKs Motorsport is a Hagerty approved classic car repair center

Experts in Classic British & European cars.

One of the oldest shops in the world, same ownership since 1973!

850 Fiero Lane, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401

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